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Provides truckload services to customers who are looking for dedicated service or point-to-point assignments.

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What We Do:

With a wide range of services Sky level Logistic will treat your freight like our own. Whether you need to move a single load or want contracts for your most used lanes. Reducing empty miles moving quality freights in the lanes of your preference.

“Moving freight couldn’t be any easier”!


Why Choose Sky Level Logistic

There is nothing more important than your safety and the safety of others. We consider and apply safety standards on the road, behind the wheel, and in the yard.

Customer Services: Operate successfully and stop looking for your trucking services. At Sky Level Logistic, we manage all your trucking needs in a pleasant environment. Our team is ready to offer and ensure the highest level of customer service. We offer an on-time delivery solution.

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Enjoy the peace of mind of being notified when it is time to renew your driver license, registration and inspection of your equipment or your DOT medical card or when it is time for your truck & trailer maintenance. Integrate with a trucking software Sky Level Logistic will keep in track of all your permits and licenses renewal and maintenance of all your equipment’s.
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